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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Persona Tarot Cards

October 11th, 2012 By 30 Comments

Persona arcana cards

Persona-lized (haha, sorry!) tarot cards are a nice little prop to have when cosplaying characters from the Persona series. You can download here the same digital file that we used to get our own tarot cards printed. Each card has been colour corrected by Fé so the images are sharp and nicely contrasted. The file is in PDF format and is ready to be taken to the printer.

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Casting Clear Polyester Resin

September 29th, 2012 By 0 comments

Resin with foil backing

Casting resin looks intimidating when you’ve never done it, but it’s actually an easy process. With it you can create many things that are very useful for anime and game costumes such as clear jewels of any shape and size. As long as you have the appropriate mold for it, you can make any shape you want. You can get molds for resin at craft stores, on Etsy or make your own with silicone.

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Testing Fabrics For Washing

August 11th, 2012 By 2 Comments

It’s a Classic Scenario: you’re shopping in that tiny, hole in the wall fabric store (that also sells incense and teapots predominantly shaped like chickens), suddenly, you see it, wedged between 2 bolts of psychedelic print spandex and 2 bolts of holiday themed knits. The fabric of your dreams!!! It is absolutely PERFECT for *insert current or future cosplay or sewing project*!!! You look for a label on or near the bolt… and find a scribble in sharpie onto the cardboard of the bolt that prices the fabric at SuperCheap a yard!!!! You have to have it!!!! You buy *insert number too high for the project you had in mind, but what the heck it’s SuperCheap a yard, so why not get extra* yards and go home to pet the neatly cut and folded bundle of fabric in the privacy of your home. Mid-stroke, a thought occurs to you: what the heck is this shiny-shiny-pretty-pretty made out of anyway?!

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Gedeo Siligum Review and Mold Tutorial

June 5th, 2012 By 0 comments

Silicone mold and original Sculpey piece

Making custom molds for casting resin is quite easy when you have the right products! It’s very time-saving when you need to make many identical copies of an object. In my case, I had to make 8 golden rings for my Margaret cosplay. I could have made those out of Sculpey or any other baking clay, but sanding all those down would have taken ages. Making a mold also ensures that all the resulting pieces will be identical!

There are many products you can use to make custom molds, but Gedeo Siligum was the easiest to obtain for me so that’s what I ended up using.

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Washing Your Costumes

May 31st, 2012 By 0 comments

Cosplay on a clothesline!

We’re back from Anime North! Instead of a con report I bring you a (long) post-con costume cleaning guide!

After submitting your costume to an intense 2~3 days of con-going, it’s primordial that you waste no time after the con to clean and store it properly so it’s in great shape for your next con.

I will cover the basics of cleaning, stain removal and storing for every part of your costume, including props, wigs and footwear.

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