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Gen as Margaret from Persona 4

Photo by Liquid Cocaine Photography

Anime North 2013! Cosplay Podcast!


Anime North 2013 cosplay plans

Anime North is in one day and this year we’re ready! Actually, it’s only next weekend, but as usual we head over to Toronto on Wednesday to have time to relax and hang out before the convention. We’re hosting our “How to Con-Proof your costumes” panel, but this year we also have a new panel about foundation garments for cosplay. Come see us talk about underwear, we promise to keep things interesting!

Our panel schedule is:
How To Con-proof Your Costumes: Friday at 7 pm in Montreal (DoubleTree)
Foundation Garments For Cosplay: Friday at 9 pm in Montreal (DoubleTree)

Cosplay Podcast

In other news, we were guests on Anime, Brains and Culture, a podcast about themes in anime and otaku culture. This week’s topic was cosplay, so we talked about construction tips, cosplay emergencies and Anime North. You can listen to our episode here.

See y’all at Anime North this weekend if you’re attending!