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Fé as Elizabeth from Persona 3

Photo by Jack Liu

Anime North 2013 Con Report


Anime North 2013 Weather - WHYYYYYYYYY???????

Anime North 2013: Bad timing edition!!

  • Our friend got food poisoning from eating at Burger King at a rest stop in Ontario on the way over. She was the one driving (and the only one with a drivers licence at that) so the drive to Toronto was terrible. Fortunately, she got in better shape just in time for the beginning of the convention.
  • The weekend was so cold and windy! While it’s usually 25-30 °C during the con, it was barely over 10 °C this year. That’s awful considering the convention mostly takes place outside and many people plan their costumes according to the usual heat. I’m still trying to fight off the cold I got last weekend ;_;
  • Power outage at the Double Tree hotel Sunday from 10 pm to 6 am.

Besides that, it was a rather smooth and enjoyable convention. As usual with Anime North, none of the cosplay guests were really interesting which I find pretty sad for one of the largest cons in Canada. Fé wore her Lucca costume at a con for the first time and she got a lot of good reactions from fans despite being from a game that’s almost 20 years old.

Photo by Jerry Fei
Photo by Jerry Fei

On Saturday I wore my new Snow White costume with friends as other Disney Princesses. There was CelticSakura as Ariel, Animetomboy as Belle and GebGeb as Rapunzel. Can’t wait to see the photos from our princesses photoshoot with Jack Liu.

Photo by Ghalib ZK Photography
Photo by Ghalib ZK Photography
Fé loves her Tokusatsu cosplays
Fé loves her Tokusatsu cosplays

I chose to re wear Fuuka (from Persona 3) on Sunday since it’s super comfy and perfect for the last day of the con when I’m really tired. I even remade the school jacket for the occasion and I don’t regret it one bit since I plan to wear Fuuka again sometime. PERSONA 3 IS AWESOME GUYS. I need another comfortable cosplay to mix things up, I’m thinking of making Misato from Evangelion.

In the Artist Alley in 2011, I saw an artist doing MANLY COMMISSIONS!! REAL MEN CRYING!! art in the style of Fist of the North Star. I regretted not buying anything from them and since then I’ve been trying to find them again at Anime North and Otakuthon. Luckily, I found them this year! They are Love Love Hill and I’ll definitely get something from them at Otakuthon this year <3

Found my husband in the dealers' room. Real men aren't afraid to shed manly tears.
Found my husband in the dealers’ room. Real men aren’t afraid to shed manly tears.