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Fé and Gen as Mitsuru and Fuuka from Persona 3

Photo by Jack Liu

Otakuthon 2012 Con Report


Otakuthon 2012 booklet cover

This year’s Otakuthon was Awful-Heat-Wave Con! Since I nearly died of heat in my Margaret costume on Saturday, it got me thinking that I really should pick my future cosplays according to the temperature. The two cons we attend usually have 30°C + (90°F) weather, so it would be a smart idea to make lighter cosplays. Just something to think about, I guess!

Anyway, this year we decided to stay at Hotel Le Dauphin since we didn’t have a very good experience at the Holiday Inn the year before.

Our room at Le Dauphin (there’s a dead Fé on the bed)


  • Great service
  • Large rooms
  • Free breakfast
  • Computer with Internet access in-room
  • Fridge inside the room
  • 2 minutes away from the convention center


  • No parking space at the hotel. You have to park at the convention center for $20 per 24 hours. It cost us $49 for the weekend.
  • Beds are WAY too hard.

The convention itself was nice. As soon as we got to Montreal, we started stuffing our faces on buns from the Chinese bakeries in nearby Chinatown like we always do. Later on Friday we held our “Con-proofing your Costumes” panel at 8 p.m. which was fun as usual. This time we brought some examples to show people and also had a stack of our Cosplay packing checklist to give that I hope people liked.

Genevieve (aka CelticSakura) with Adella

On Saturday morning we went to see Adella‘s Cosplay Q&A and it was really great to meet her! She’s been literally all over the world because of cosplay and it was very interesting to hear about the many experiences she’s had through this hobby. She also held a panel about The Zelda Project and we got to see some exclusive pictures of their Fire Temple photoshoot. If you’re interested in cosplay or in The Legend of Zelda you need to visit their website! They’re supposed to release a trailer of the movie they want to make by the end of the year (I think?). Awesome stuff right there guys, definitely check it out.

The other cosplay guest was Alodia Gosiengfiao from the Philippines. I don’t know much about her, but I hear she’s extremely popular (she has over 1 million fans on her Facebook page, wtf). We also went to her Cosplay Q&A, but the people attending were clearly not interested in cosplay and were only asking questions about her personal life. Feeling creeped out, we decided to go see the Video Game Orchestra instead and it was fantastic! One of the best moments of the convention for me. I hope they’ll invite them again next year ~

Video Games Orchestra concert

Velvet Room attendants (Otakuthon 2012)

Another highlight of the con: Velvet Room siblings reunited! <3 We found an awesome Theo cosplayer at Otakuthon and took pictures with him. What are the odds, right? I know this isn't the best photo, but it's unfortunately all I have (I'm not even looking at the camera, *sob*). We kept running into him all day long too, it was pretty funny.

Awesome cosplayer gallery

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