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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Arda Wigs Luthien Review


Just a little disclaimer first: all the photos in this post were taken once I had straightened the wig! Arda’s Luthien is a long wig with very nice big curls, so it doesn’t look like that out of the bag. Besides the missing curls, the wig is totally unstyled and I tried to take pictures that show the real color of the wig as much as possible. All photos were taken in daylight, next to a window.

Luthien (Arda Wigs) front Luthien (Arda WIgs) back

Style: Luthien
Length: 100+ cm
Color: Grape
Heat resistant: Yes
Price: $40
I bought a curly wig instead of a straight one because I heard from a wig panel that I attended at Anime North that curly wigs tend to be thicker than straight ones. Now, I can’t tell if the Luthien is thicker than the other long wigs that Arda carries, but it’s really thick, so I’m happy! The rows of wefts are spaced approximately 1 cm apart, which is pretty good in my experience. Also, towards the top of the head they are even closer, so the wefts don’t show through when you wear the wig.

The fiber is very nice and it doesn’t look too shiny or fake. When the wig was still curly I found the texture of the fiber to be a bit rough, but it got softer after combing and straightening so I wonder if the initial texture wasn’t due to some styling product to preserve the curls. That’s just a wild guess, though!

Luthien (Arda Wigs) thickness Luthien (Arda Wigs) wefts

One thing that often disappoints me with wigs –and I’ve seen this with many popular sellers so it’s not directed at Arda in particular– is the rows of frizzy hair added to wigs to give volume. I hate these so much! Fortunately, the frizz isn’t too noticeable with this wig. It’s mostly visible near the bangs section, but you can easily manage to hide it if you place the hair strategically.

Luthien (Arda Wigs) frizz Luthien (Arda Wigs) bangs frizz

I got this wig for an upcoming Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 cosplay and I love it since the color is very close to what I had in mind. Even though the wig is very thick, I’m also going to be adding extra wefts for super fullness and 2 buns also purchased from Arda. I’m so looking forward to this!
Shampoo! Under artificial lighting, the color look more purple.
Shampoo! Under artificial lighting, the color look more purple.