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Van Doren Suspender Belt by Kiss Me Deadly


Close-up of the Kiss Me Deadly Suspender Belt

Why the heck should you (I’m assuming that if you’re reading this article you’re a lady) wear a garter belt outside of the bedroom? There’s a multitude of reasons, but for me it simply started with my weight and body type preventing me from wearing most tights comfortably.

I have a pear shaped body which means that my hips are a very different dress size than the rest of me. Tights are pretty much made on the assumption that you’re either small everywhere or big everywhere… and short too. Don’t start going all tall AND big on tights, oh no!

What this means is that you have to choose tights size to fit the biggest part of your body (waist/hips/thighs) and hope you don’t happen to be too tall. The way tights work is the wider they have to stretch vertically, the less horizontal stretch they have. Basically, depending on how big and/or tall you are, it can be virtually impossible to have tights fit both horizontally and vertically.

I had a couple of really nasty experiences with tights that were fitting me properly everywhere but were ridiculously small in the waist (I’m assuming so that they stay up for women with narrow hips?). And when I say ridiculously small I mean so small that the waistband dug into my internal organs to the point of making me physically ill. Needless to say that after those experiences I wanted to stay away from tights for a while and started looking into stockings.

Very Short List Of Possible Advantages to Garter Belts

  • Fits a wider range of sizes and body types than tights
  • Comfortable
  • Marginally cooler than tights

About Kiss Me Deadly

Van Doren Boned Ivory 6-strap Suspender Belt
Kiss Me Deadly is a fairy new, independent lingerie brand based in London, England. Their style is a modern twist on distinctively vintage style with a strong influence from pinups and burlesque. They offer several models of bras, suspender belts, stockings, swimsuits and girdles. The construction of their lingerie is aimed at (but not restricted to) pear-shaped women as the founder herself is a pear shape. Kiss Me Deadly places importance on looks and functionality more than shaping so expect minimal shaping power with their suspender belts and girdles.

Van Doren Boned 6-strap Suspender Belt

I recently bought KMD’s Longline Girdle on sale at one of their online resellers but was sent the suspender belt by mistake. Of course by the time I received it and alerted them of their mistake they were sold out of the girdle and no longer planning on carrying KMD products. I was allowed to keep the suspender belt and was planning to sell it as I already own many garter belts, but I tried it on once and instantly knew what all my other (cheaper) garter belts were missing. It’s now my absolute favourite garter belt!

Click here to view the manufacturer’s info on the garter belt.


The Van Doren Suspender Belt is always available in the colours Ivory and Black. KMD is however known for releasing limited edition colours and prints. Some of the limited editions of the Van Doren Suspender Belt included black × leopard print, black × red trims and blush.

The suspender belt is priced at £34 (~55 $ CND) on the KMD website but it can be found as low as £20 (~32 $ CND) at other online stores.


– Metal clips
– 6 straps
– Clips have a great grip on stockings
– Really goes flat under clothes
– Comfortable
– Made for pear shape


– Plastic bones (unobtrusive)
– Offers no shaping

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  • Vicky Belle

    Well, I´m NOT a lady. However, I’m the proud owner of 4 Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren suspender belts – pink-boned, black, ivory and virgin lace. And I wear them daily to my utmost satisfaction beneath my normal male attire.

    Why do I do this? Because it’s exquisitely comfortable and sensuous. And, being a normal married man with grown-up kids (my wife knows, as well), I’m not at all gay. But I really dig wearing women’s underwear simply because I can’t think of something more pleasurable than loving what you’re currently wearing.

    These garments are SO DAMN GREAT that I could place them as the very best in their class. This, in turn, allows me to wear them all day (and even all night) long.

    So, bear with me. In my many years’ experience as a male transvestite I’ve sampled countless brands. Kiss Me Deadly beats them all by far.

    • foxy3

      Hi Vicky I have been meaning to say Hi since you followed me, we have a lot in common, private chat would be fun.

      • Vicky Belle

        Hi foxy. Just wanted to send greetings. However, being that I almost don’t access into this account or my gmail’s, I guess the opportunity for a private chat, as you propose, is almost nil.

        Any way, I’m so glad there’s somebody out there who shares my passion for collecting and wearing nice lingerie!

        • Chris Barton-Fox

          Well it is lovely to hear from you anyway, yes it is not easy to contact, such a private matter, we have to remain anonymous, and at the same time would like to be in touch with like minded souls ! I am not on this site often either but just found it whilst browsing some of my favourite things. Keep an eye out for me elsewhere and I will do the same for you, perhaps our paths will cross again, our early stories are so similar ! We have so much to talk about for sure. Thank you for replying.