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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation


Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundationPros: wide range of shades, long-lasting, good medium coverage Cons: does not apply as smoothly as teint idole 14h, slightly cakey I had been using the Teint Idole Ultra 14h foundation for over a year before Lancôme replaced it with this new formula, now boasting a 24h lasting power. I was happy with the foundation and hoped 24h would do even better. Compared to its predecessor, 24h has a much wider range of shades. I previously used 2C but 1N matches my skin perfectly! (I’m a bit paler than Mac’s NC15 liquid foundation.) On application, I noticed that the foundation is of a thicker texture and therefore slightly more difficult to apply. It did not glide over my skin as smoothly as 14h did and felt a bit more ‘cakey’. It still slid over my smallest wrinkles but seemed to accentuate my bigger ones. After reading about BB cream being both primer and foundation, I tried to mix the foundation with my usual primer (Smashbox Light Primer) and the application was much easier. As far as coverage goes, it is as good as 14h. It offers a medium coverage. The finish is a bit shiner than 14h and requires a setting powder. I was a bit disappointed to find that 24h is just as long-lasting as 14h. It will last through a full day but requires touch-up before going out for the evening. It’s still a very good lasting power but the name of the product implies an improvement over the previous formula. The foundation is also very gentle. It’s oil-free and perfume-free. I have a very reactive and sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to the product. It covers my eczema and rashes well except for dry skin patches which is does not smooth over. Overall, Teint Idole Ultra 24h is a great long-lasting foundation with good coverage and a wide selection of shades for every complexions. It’s a great foundation for cosplay as it gives enough coverage for a photoshoot and will look flawless through most of the day.