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Lip-Ink “Guaranteed Smearproof Kit” Lipstick


Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My quest for a lipstick that works with my sensitive lips is over!! (Probably. For now.) It all started when Dita Von Teese answered a question about long-lasting lipstick on her Twitter. She recommended Lip-Ink.

Anyone ever seen Dita without lipstick?
I thought so.
Clearly she knows lipsticks, so I had to give Lip-Ink a try.

Where to buy: (I apologize in advance for their marketing videos)

Lip-Ink is a 3 steps system. I ordered the trial kit in Hot Pink, which is quite generous with the lipstick, but not so much with the moisturizer and primer/cleaner. If you want to try the sample kit, I suggest buying a few spare remover and moisturizer packets for only 85 cents each.


The application process is a bit more complicated than a regular lipstick but, unlike your usual lipstick, you only have to apply it once in the morning and you’re good to go for an entire day, if you’re careful.

The application goes like this:
1 – you clean/prime your lips with the remover;
2 – apply moisturizer;
3 – apply colour (however many layers you want);
(let it dry for a few seconds)
4 – reapply moisturizer (which doubles as a shiny gloss).

I have very dry/sensitive lips so I always bring the moisturizer with me and reapply it liberally throughout the day.

According to the website you can use either 1, 2 or 3 layers of the colour to get different shades of lipstick. I found this to be true in theory. The colour is hard to apply in one continuous layer. So, say, you want to apply only one layer, there is a risk that one part of your lips might have more colour than the rest and be slightly darker.

Also, if you make a mistake while applying the colour (go over your lip line, etc.) there is nothing you can do other than take a q-tip, pour some remover on it and scrub the area clean. Unfortunately, that will also remove any foundation or lipstick near the area. This means that if you had planned on a set number of layers, your work is ruined. Because of all those issues I almost never bother with shades and use 3 or more layers of colour, at which point the colour is at it’s brightest and any layer applied over it won’t affect the colour.

Here is what the Hot Pink looks with 1, 2 and 3 layers.

Nude lips (with Shine moisturizer)
1 Layer
2 Layers
3 Layers

Lasting Power

As advertised, once applied, the lipstick won’t rub off on anything! It doesn’t even feel like I have lipstick on. Often, I catch myself rubbing my lips while thinking and then remember I have lipstick on. Every time, everything stayed where it should and my lips looked just as perfect as after putting the lipstick on. I drink a ridiculous amount of tea throughout the day and the rim of my cup is always lipstick free. Even after eating, the lipstick still looks perfect. Only at the very end of the day, after 3 meals and countless cups of tea, do I sometimes notice that the lipstick on the innermost part of my lips has faded. That can easily be remedied by reapplying the colour lightly once during the day.

In Short

Lasts forever
Gentle to sensitive lips
Comes in a wide array of colours
Doesn’t smear off on anything (Finally! A lipstick you can eat burgers/pizza/Mexican food/all at once with!)

Application doesn’t leave much room for error & takes a few minutes instead of a few seconds.
It may be just me but I can never get the damn thing off of my lips entirely (sticks to dry skin like a leech!!)