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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25h foundation


Over the years I must’ve tried dozens of different foundations, here is a review of the latest pharmacy brand I tried.

Name of Product: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25H Foundation
Where Purchased: (online pharmacy)

Product Description: A medium coverage long-lasting liquid foundation available in 11 shades.

Long-lasting. I didn’t try 25 hours but I wear it for 16 hours regularly and it does not slide from my face at all. I even took a nap with it and it didn’t come off on the sheets.
Moisturizing. I have very sensitive skin therefore I often have rashes and eczema on my face. The foundation did not make it worse or dry up my skin.
Acne prone skin safe. It did not make me break out despite being moisturizing and not being oil-free.
Yellow shades. This is great for people with yellower skin tones who have a hard time finding matching shades with other foundations. The shade that matched best my skin (I’m slightly darker than MAC NC15 but significantly paler than NC20) was True Ivory. It’s a little bit yellower/darker than my skin when I apply it on my face but it blends really well and see no line of demarcation on my jaw and neck.

Wet. The foundation stays wet on the face (no ‘powder’ finish) and requires a generous amount of setting powder.
Shiny. I found the foundation to be shinier in general than other foundations. It does not become shiny throughout the day but rather it has a ‘sparkly?’ finish. I fixed this issue with applying a lot of blot/mattifying pressed powder over it but it still has a little shine. Nothing noticeable but a bit more than I’m used to.
Yellow shades. Many other online reviewers of this product found it hard to match the colours to their skin and complained about the yellowness of the shades. I do not recommend this foundation for people with warm/pink overtones.

Overall Rating: 7/10, I would buy it again and I think it’s a good pharmacy-brand foundation for cosplay at about 10$ a bottle.