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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Shinny Violet (aka Puffy 3 Tone) Circle Lenses

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Name: Shinny Violet (also known as Puffy 3 Tone)
Brand: G&G
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Lifespan: 1 year after vial is opened
Prescription: Available
Purchased from: Pinky Paradise

A while back, Pinky Paradise had a buy 2 get 1 free promotion on lenses. You couldn’t decide what free lenses you were going to get and I ended up receiving the beautiful G&G Shinny Violet aka Puffy 3 Tone lenses. I only ever owned another pair of purple/violet lenses which were the EOS Adult Violet that I don’t have anymore so these are a nice replacement.

Shinny Violet (Puffy 3 Tone) lenses


Despite having a pale purple, almost lilac, colour in the vial, these lenses look quite dark over dark eyes. This is unfortunate, but I’ve yet to see a pair of light purple lenses for dark eyes. From up close you can see the purple colour, but as soon as you step back a little the colour becomes not very noticeable.

For cosplay I’d say these lenses are not vibrant enough to bother wearing them. For daily life I think these look very pretty, though maybe a bit unnatural with the pale yellow ring in the center of the lens.

Shinny Violet (Puffy 3 Tone) lenses close-up
Shinny Violet lenses close-up in natural light.
With flash they look very vibrant, but that's cheating.
With flash they look very vibrant, but that’s cheating.


With the black limbal ring and 14.5 mm diameter, these lenses give you a nice dolly look without looking too strange and bug eyed.

Shinny Violet (Puffy 3 Tone)

Shinny Violet (Puffy 3 Tone) lenses


There’s nothing specific to report about the comfort of these lenses. They’re comfortable when you put them on, but you have to apply eye drops every 3-4 hours because they dry your eyes a little. They also did not make my vision blurry.