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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Solar Eclipse Contact Lenses


Name: Solar Eclipse
Brand: EDIT
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Lifespan: 3 months after vial is opened
Prescription: Not available (Plano only)
Purchased from: (free international shipping!)

Fé and I each bought a pair of Solar Eclipse lenses for our upcoming Elizabeth and Margaret cosplay from the Persona series. I couldn’t find any yellow circle lenses, but luckily Twilight seems to have made yellow lenses popular so there was a few designs to choose from on websites that sell theatrical lenses. The black rim and detailing around the outer edge of the Solar Eclipse make them look somewhat “natural” for yellow lenses, so we picked them over the other options.

Solar eclipse lenses over dark eyes (indirect sunlight)
Lenses over dark eyes (indirect sunlight)
Solar Eclipse (14 mm) compared to Puffy 3 tone violet (14.5 mm)
Solar Eclipse (14 mm) compared to Puffy 3 tone violet (14.5 mm)


The Solar Eclipse lenses are opaque, so the color shows up very well even on really dark eyes. Unfortunately, they seem to often have color defects. As you can see on the photo, my 2 lenses are not the same color, one is much duller than the other. Fé’s lenses also had color imperfections, though not as visible as mine. Fortunately, I contacted the seller about the problem with my lenses and they quickly sent me another pair.


None! Since they only have a 14 mm diameter, I didn’t expect them to have an enlarging effect. On top of that, the colored part is smaller than the actual diameter.


Despite being a bit thicker than most circle lenses, I don’t really feel the lenses when I wear them. However, these lenses get uncomfortable pretty quickly so it’s important to apply eye drops every hour even if your eyes don’t feel dry. The pupil hole is not very big, so it makes my vision a bit blurry, but nothing awful. On the plus side, a small pupil hole means your natural eye color won’t be very noticeable in the center of the lens.


These lenses look great, but it’s really unfortunate that they’re so uncomfortable! Sadly, there aren’t too many affordable options when it comes to yellow lenses and most are from the same brand (EDIT) so I’m still happy with this choice. I just won’t be wearing them often or for long periods of time.