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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly About Arda Wigs


Arda Wigs collection

As you can see, I buy from Arda Wigs quite often. Between Fé and myself, we own 13 wigs and quite a few accessories from them (3 wigs not pictured above). A lot of people love Arda, myself included, otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased so many wigs from them. However, now that I’ve tried many of their wigs for several different projects, I don’t think their products are the best choice for every situation. As a company run by cosplayers for cosplayers, they are very often highly recommended by North Americans so I wanted to talk about some of the negative aspects of their wigs too. But don’t worry, I’m still going to talk about what I love about Arda as well!

The following applies to Arda Classic wigs. I haven’t tried their Silky line yet.

The Good

Arda has so many different wig styles and colors to choose from so you’re almost certain to find something that will work for your cosplay. Whenever a new popular character pops up, if they don’t have a good base wig for it they will sometimes add new styles to meet the demand.

Their fiber has a different texture compared to other brands. It’s more coarse which makes it possible to easily create voluminous hair and gravity defying styles. The wigs are also generally super thick, so you don’t have to worry about getting an eBay-like thin and shiny wig. Another thing that eBay wigs are often guilty of is being too small; I feel safe ordering from Arda because I know the wig will always be big enough for my head.

They also have an affordable color ring that includes a sample of every wig color they have. This is so convenient and a great way to create loyal customers. I’ve been wanting to try Epic Cosplay Wigs for a while, but since I can just check my color ring from Arda to pick my wig color, I’ve kept purchasing from them out of convenience. Epic Cosplay only offers hair extensions at $2 each so it would cost more than $100 to get a sample of all their colors.

The Bad & The Ugly

As I mentioned earlier, Arda’s fiber is more coarse compared to other wig brands. While it’s great in many cases, if you just need a long straight wig it becomes a real problem. Yes, all long wigs tangle once you wear them, however the tangle gets out of control terribly fast with their wigs. Even with a generous dousing of silicone spray beforehand, my Sorceress wig (Le Tigre) was awfully tangled only 1-2 hours after I first put it on at the convention. To make matters worse, it was practically impossible to untangle until I got home from the con and could use more silicone and hot water. Strangely, not all their wigs in the classic line seem to have the same fiber. The Buttercup especially is smoother and doesn’t seem to tangle as much.

The other issue I have with wigs from Arda is that they have layers of short frizzy hair among the regular fibers to create additional volume (I assume). There are quite a bit of those crimped fibers on the top of the head and near the forehead that are visible depending how you need the bangs to be styled. Once again it seems to be worse with certain wigs than others. The wigs with larger skin tops, such as the Buttercup and Eowyn, and the lacefront wigs have much less frizz than other styles.

Le Tigre wig frizz closeup
Probably the wig with the worst frizz problem I’ve gotten. Fortunately my costume included a hat to hide this mess.
Luthien wig frizz closeup
“Regular” amount of frizz to expect with most wigs. It’s mostly visible when you try to part the wig in the middle and near the hair line.

Last is not really a bad thing about Arda, but if your head is very small, you might find their wigs too large. For some styles, a wig that is gaping in the back might not matter, but for some other styles you will need to resize the wig cap to be smaller.

I hope that was helpful to some of you! Don’t get me wrong I think Arda provides great wigs, I just won’t buy all my wigs from them for the reasons stated above.