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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Yaya Han’s Fantasy Elf Ears

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Yaya Han's Fantasy Elf Ears (small)

A little while ago, Fé and I were searching for elf ears for our Disgaea cosplays. Latex ears, like those from Aradani Studio, weren’t the best for our costumes because none had quite the right shape. Also, we specifically wanted ears that stick away from the head when you wear them. That’s when we came across the elf ears sold on Yaya Han’s Original Cosplay Accessories store.

Close up of the elf ears
The ears are made of hard plastic so they’re definitely not going to get damaged as easily as any clay or latex ears I could have made at home. I hate commissioning something and then knowing I could have made better once I receive my item!

Right out of the box, the ears are very light and pink so they don’t look natural if you decide to wear them that way. Fortunately, you can easily paint them to match your skin tone. We also plan on adding shading around the ridges inside the ear to add some depth and make them look more realistic. Actually, the small elf ears worn by the model on Yaya’s store have definitely been painted and shaded since what you receive does not look like what you see on the pictures.

They are mounted on a headband that you wear under your wig which gives it the angle we were looking for. On the down-side, wearing these ears for a prolonged time hurts like hell! We all know wigs can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time; add a tight headband to the mix and the outcome is really painful. It especially hurts if you align the plastic ears with your own, so we tried to place them just a bit forward.

View of elf ears from the sideElf ears worn under a wig (with my own ears showing)

My main disappointment with these is that even when you’re wearing a wig, your own ears can still show through. It really wouldn’t work with a very short wig, and even with one that has long strands around the ears you need to carefully place the hair. I don’t know if it’s because of how/where we placed our elf ears, but mine were still showing when you looked at me from the side.

If comfort is very important or if you don’t want to spend time painting your new elf ears, these are not a good choice. If they’re the perfect shape for your cosplay and you don’t mind dealing with the few cons, they’re still a good buy. I just wouldn’t pick them if I had another equivalent option.