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Master List of Online Fabric Stores aka Getting Fabric Shipped to Canada Makes my Wallet Cry


Except for the lucky ones who live in a big city with a fashion district, we’ve all been in this situation where we just cannot find the right fabric for our next project locally. I’ve had to resort to shopping online for fabric more times than I care to count and the experience hasn’t always been free of frustration. Very often I need to see a swatch before committing to buy full yards of fabric and I like not to be robbed blind because of outrageous shipping fees. $39 to ship 2 yards of spandex to Canada? No thanks, Spandex World. So here is my list of good and bad online fabric stores with any useful info I could provide.


Denver Fabrics

For orders outside the US, the shipping charges are calculated at the time of shipping (i.e. after the order is placed) and a flat $7.50 fee is added to all international orders. This is less than ideal!

Also operates under the name Fashion Fabrics Club

Swatches: Available for some fabrics only ($2.50)
Shipping method: USPS

Dharma Trading

Dharma sells fabric dyes and paints so most of the fabric they sell is white or natural color for dying purposes. They have a lot of variety and they tell you what kind of dye to use for each type of fabric they sell. Their shipping fees are good.

Swatches: Yes (0.25$) with free shipping
Shipping method: USPS or FedEx

I order from them often since they have a huge selection and their prices are good. Unfortunately their customer service is horrible so pray that there is no mix up in your order and you don’t have to deal with them! Their shipping fees to Canada are decent.

Swatches: Available for most of their fabrics ($0.75 to $1.50)
Shipping method: USPS


Fabricline offers a lot of stretch fabrics at good prices and with reasonable shipping fees. They specialize in activewear fabrics so they carry a lot of stretch fabrics and even technical fabrics such as cordura, Gore-Tex, quick drying lycra, bicycle jersey and more.

Swatches: Yes ($0.10) with $1.50 shipping fee
Shipping method: ???

Fashion Fabrics Club

This site is exactly the same as Denver Fabrics. They have 2 different names, but you can see that they operate at the same address and have the same contact phone number. On top of that, the fabric they carry is exactly the same.


This is a Japanese kimono seller, but they also sell bolts of fabric specifically for kimono and obi. They frequently add new fabrics so check back often!

Swatches: No
Shipping method: Standard postal service

Mood Fabrics

All the gorgeous designer fabrics!!

Swatches: Yes ($1) but shipping fee is the same as when you order full yards of fabric
Shipping method: USPS or UPS

ps. Their instagram account is total fabric porn.

Fuchsia satin & emerald brocade on dress form at Mood NYC. #holidaystyle #designerfabrics #satin #brocade

A photo posted by Mood Fabrics (@moodfabrics) on

NY Fashion Center Fabrics

This store specializes in silk fabrics. What’s great about them is that they offer multiple types of silk fabrics in the same colors, so you can coordinate fabrics by color easily.

Their 100% Polyester Dupioni Fabric is a favorite among Sakizou cosplayers.

Swatches: Yes ($0.79$ to $4.19)
Shipping method: USPS or FedEx

Online Fabric Store

They have a lot of basic fabrics (like and also some fabric dyes at very good prices.

Swatches: Yes ($1.50)
Shipping method: USPS or UPS


Indian fabric store with lots of gorgeous silk brocades and other fancy fabrics. Their shipping prices are ridiculously cheap, they charged me $4 to ship 2 yards of silk to Canada.

Swatches: Yes, 2 swatches for $10
Shipping method: Standard postal service

Silk Baron

Like the name suggests they have many different types of silk fabrics. Shipping fees to Canada are not great, but still acceptable.

Swatches: Yes ($1.50 for small samples, $4.00 for large samples) but shipping fee is the same as when you order full yards of fabric
Shipping method: USPS

Spandex House

Huge selection of stretch fabrics. Their customer service is good, but I never ended up ordering from them because they only tell you the shipping fees after they take your order. It’s a small store in NYC so I can understand, but I’d rather know how much I’ll pay before ordering something. I’d order from them only if I didn’t have other options.

Swatches: Free!
Shipping method: UPS or FedEx

Spandex World

Another online store specializing in stretch fabrics. Just like Spandex House, their selection is huge. However their shipping fees are outrageous! You can expect to pay $40 for shipping to Canada.

Swatches: Yes ($0.75), but swatch only shipping to Canada is $15 :\
Shipping method: FedEx

Stretch House

Another store specializing in stretch fabric. They send swatches for free, but the swatches are not always well identified. For example if you ask for a sample of Stretch Spandex Hologram in color #39, they’ll send you their whole catalog of Stretch Spandex Hologram. It’s pretty cool, but sometimes it’s difficult to associate a swatch in their catalog to the correct number online.

Swatches: Free!
Shipping method: UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS (upon request)

Sy Fabrics

They have a lot of Hello Kitty fabric that I want to make pajamas out of :3 Flat $35 shipping charge on all orders to Canada.

Swatches: Yes ($1) and they ship for free
Shipping method: USPS or UPS

Vogue Fabrics

Many basic fabrics but shipping is more expensive than

Swatches: Yes ($1.00)
Shipping method: USPS