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Gen as Margaret from Persona 4

Photo by Liquid Cocaine Photography

We ♥ Chrono Trigger

February 6th, 2013 By 0 comments

Chrono Trigger group (Lucca, Robo, Marle, Crono, Ayla)

At my first convention (Otakuthon 2010), I saw this amazing Chrono Trigger group which GebGeb, CelticSakura and FullmetalSam were a part of. They were pretty much the first group of cosplayers I noticed during the weekend and I thought they were so awesome that it was instant love. Plus, Chrono Trigger holds so many good gaming memories for me! One year later, we ended up doing a photoshoot with some of them and Fé was able to join as Lucca.

The full crew:
as Lucca
GebGeb as Marle
CelticSakura as Ayla
FullmetalSam as Robo
Marie-Eve as Crono (costume made by GebGeb)

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