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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Testing Fabrics For Washing

August 11th, 2012 By 2 Comments

It’s a Classic Scenario: you’re shopping in that tiny, hole in the wall fabric store (that also sells incense and teapots predominantly shaped like chickens), suddenly, you see it, wedged between 2 bolts of psychedelic print spandex and 2 bolts of holiday themed knits. The fabric of your dreams!!! It is absolutely PERFECT for *insert current or future cosplay or sewing project*!!! You look for a label on or near the bolt… and find a scribble in sharpie onto the cardboard of the bolt that prices the fabric at SuperCheap a yard!!!! You have to have it!!!! You buy *insert number too high for the project you had in mind, but what the heck it’s SuperCheap a yard, so why not get extra* yards and go home to pet the neatly cut and folded bundle of fabric in the privacy of your home. Mid-stroke, a thought occurs to you: what the heck is this shiny-shiny-pretty-pretty made out of anyway?!

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Washing Your Costumes

May 31st, 2012 By 0 comments

Cosplay on a clothesline!

We’re back from Anime North! Instead of a con report I bring you a (long) post-con costume cleaning guide!

After submitting your costume to an intense 2~3 days of con-going, it’s primordial that you waste no time after the con to clean and store it properly so it’s in great shape for your next con.

I will cover the basics of cleaning, stain removal and storing for every part of your costume, including props, wigs and footwear.

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