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Fé as Cordelia from Lollipop Chainsaw

Photo by Jack Liu

Anime Matsuri 2014 Con Report

May 27th, 2014 By 0 comments

Snow White (photo by Elite Cosplay)

It’s a tardy con report, but better late than never, right??

Back in March I went to Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX. The convention dates fell during spring break and it also gave me an occasion to go see my boyfriend who’s currently there for work. I traveled there by myself which meant none of my usual cosplay friends came with me to the convention. I would love to go back if I ever have the chance, but only if I can drag someone with me! Cosplay isn’t as fun without friends.

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Anime North 2013 Con Report

June 5th, 2013 By 0 comments

Anime North 2013 thumbnail

Anime North 2013: Bad timing edition!!

  • Our friend Sonia got food poisoning from eating at Burger King at a rest stop in Ontario on the way over. She was the one driving (and the only one with a drivers licence at that) so the drive to Toronto was terrible. Fortunately, she got in better shape just in time for the beginning of the convention.
  • The weekend was so cold and windy! While it’s usually 25-30 °C during the con, it was barely over 10 °C this year. That’s awful considering the convention mostly takes place outside and many people plan their costumes according to the usual heat. I’m still trying to fight off the cold I got last weekend ;_;
  • Power outage at the Double Tree hotel Sunday from 10 pm to 6 am.

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Otakuthon 2012 Con Report

August 9th, 2012 By 0 comments

Otakuthon 2012 booklet cover

This year’s Otakuthon was Awful-Heat-Wave Con! Since I nearly died of heat in my Margaret costume on Saturday, it got me thinking that I really should pick my future cosplays according to the temperature. The two cons we attend usually have 30°C + (90°F) weather, so it would be a smart idea to make lighter cosplays. Just something to think about, I guess!

The convention itself was nice. As soon as we got to Montreal, we started stuffing our faces on buns from the Chinese bakeries in nearby Chinatown (tradition)! Later on Friday we held our “Con-proofing your Costumes” panel at 8 p.m. which was fun as usual. This time we brought some examples to show people and also had a stack of our Cosplay packing checklist to give that I hope people liked.

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