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Fé as Mitsuru from Persona 3

Photo by Jack Liu

Snow White Makeup at MAC Cosmetics

June 27th, 2013 By 2 Comments

Complete look

If you have read a few of the makeup posts on this blog, you’ve probably noticed that we believe makeup for cosplay is very important and that we invest a bit of time and money in it. Truth is, I’m not the best one at makeup (it’s a work in progress) and for my Snow White cosplay I decided to go to my local MAC Cosmetics store to have one of the makeup artists there create a look for me. As long as you purchase $50 worth of products during your visit this service is free. If your budget allows it, I suggest you give it a try!

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Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

November 24th, 2010 By 0 comments

Amazing Cosmetics' Amazing Concealer

This product has been my one and only concealer for the past 2 years now and I’m very happy with it! It’s expensive at $42 US or $28 US for the to-go size, but I’m still using my first tiny to-go tube so you get a really good run for the money. Granted, I don’t have a lot to cover besides dark under eye circles, some broken capillaries and occasional blemishes, but I do use it almost every day.

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