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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Master List of Online Fabric Stores aka Getting Fabric Shipped to Canada Makes my Wallet Cry

February 20th, 2015 By 8 Comments

Except for the lucky ones who live in a big city with a fashion district, we’ve all been in this situation where we just cannot find the right fabric for our next project locally. I’ve had to resort to shopping online for fabric more times than I care to count and the experience hasn’t always been free of frustration. Very often I need to see a swatch before committing to buy full yards of fabric and I like not to be robbed blind because of outrageous shipping fees. $39 to ship 2 yards of spandex to Canada? No thanks, Spandex World. So here is my list of good and bad online fabric stores with any useful info I could provide.

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Testing Fabrics For Washing

August 11th, 2012 By 2 Comments

It’s a Classic Scenario: you’re shopping in that tiny, hole in the wall fabric store (that also sells incense and teapots predominantly shaped like chickens), suddenly, you see it, wedged between 2 bolts of psychedelic print spandex and 2 bolts of holiday themed knits. The fabric of your dreams!!! It is absolutely PERFECT for *insert current or future cosplay or sewing project*!!! You look for a label on or near the bolt… and find a scribble in sharpie onto the cardboard of the bolt that prices the fabric at SuperCheap a yard!!!! You have to have it!!!! You buy *insert number too high for the project you had in mind, but what the heck it’s SuperCheap a yard, so why not get extra* yards and go home to pet the neatly cut and folded bundle of fabric in the privacy of your home. Mid-stroke, a thought occurs to you: what the heck is this shiny-shiny-pretty-pretty made out of anyway?!

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