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Fé as Mitsuru from Persona 3

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Cosplay Packing Checklist

July 31st, 2012 By 0 comments

Madam Red with blouse (2010)

Packing for conventions is always a hassle, right? I always write a checklist of essential things to pack in my suitcase, but even then I'm always nervous that I'll forget something important at home. It's kind of a big deal especially when you travel long distances to go to a con. When you're cosplaying, forgetting just one accessory can put a damper on your weekend!

The following list should cover all the bases of your cosplay needs at a convention. Go ahead and print this file! I suggest that you then use the blank space to write down all the specific parts of your costume so that you don't forget anything cosplay-related when packing your suitcase.

Cosplay packing checklist
Aide-mémoire pour les cosplayers (French)

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