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Eternal Sailor Senshi Cosplay Guide


By and far, Sailor Scouts are some of the most cosplayed characters at conventions. Being an old favorite, it means there are tons of tutorials and accessories available online which makes it easy for anyone to make their own costume. When making my own Eternal Sailor outfit with my group, we used a lot of things available online such as patterns and accessories, so I wanted to share these resources with you!

Eternal Sailor Senshi (photo by Mike Kowalek)



Leotard pattern modifications

Crystal Lake Skating Outfit

This leotard pattern is used by many Sailor Moon cosplayers. It’s easy to sew and doesn’t need many modifications. I recommend lengthening the top piece of the leotard a bit so the seam that normally would be at your waist ends up being lower and therefore hidden by the skirt. I also recommend making the neck hole smaller so that you can cut it the same size as your sailor collar later. Otherwise the hole might be too large.


Sailor Neptune and Uranus bows and collars

Sailor Moon style bow tutorial by NyuNyu Cosplay

Interface the crap out of your back bow so it stays upright!

Sailor collar

Sailor collar tutorial by NyuNyu Cosplay

I strongly recommend doing a mockup to adjust the collar to the width of your shoulders before cutting into your nice fabric.

Bubble sleeves

Eternal sleeve modification example

Eternal sleeve by NyuNyu Cosplay

I made some optional changes to this pattern when I used it. My upper arms are a bit large so I was afraid that if I used the pattern as is, the fabric wouldn’t be gathered enough and therefore the sleeves wouldn’t have enough volume. I slashed the pattern in 4 pieces and placed them a little bit apart at the top edge and even more spaced at the bottom of the sleeve. This is not necessary for everyone, especially if you have small arms. Measure your arm where the sleeve will end and compare this number to the length of the pattern. I think the pattern being 1.5 x your arm circumference is good enough.


Eternal Sailor skirt progress

For the skirt we made a double circle skirt (2 circles sewn together) that is 3x the measurement of your waist. For example, if your waist measurement is 30 inches, you need to multiply that by 3 and then divide by 2 to figure out the waist circumference of each of your circles.

(30″ x 3) / 2 = 45″

Take your own circumference measurement and use this calculator to figure out the diameter of your waist opening. Remember that you will need to make 2 circles with the same waist measurement!

If you’re unsure how to pattern a circle skirt, you can check this helpful guide by the Snugbug Mercantile.

After you sew both circles together you’ll be stuck with a giant skirt that probably fits 3 of you. That’s ok because you’ll use all that extra fabric to make your 12 box pleats!



Eternal Sailor Scout Tiara from Catzia’s Collectibles

These are very good quality and attach to your head with an elastic. The star on the front of the tiara is glued with hot glue and in my case the glue was showing around the star. I used rubbing alcohol to remove the hot glue and glued it neatly back on with some contact glue.

Small gold stars

Small gold star

You need 4 of these for an Eternal costume: 1 for the choker, 2 for the boots and 1 for the skirt’s waistband. Catzia’s Collectibles sells the gold stars as add-ons for their chokers, but they let us order these separately for $1.95 each. The color is an ugly yellowish gold so I spray painted mine metallic gold.

Alternatively, you can probably find similar stars on eBay for cheaper.

Star brooch

Star brooches comparison

Initially I bought the brooch from Catzia but I decided to order another one from ShoujoGems because I though their brooch looked less cartoony. Sadly, she no longer makes resin items, but you can get a similar star brooch from UniqueCosplayProps on Etsy.


Our group used the Kiki 350 boots by Funtasma in White Stretch PU (non shiny material). Many stores carry that brand so you can shop around for the best price. I have large calves so these were good for me since they were stretchy enough to fit me. Other girls with smaller calves had to take in the boots a little bit. You just need to cut a V shape at the top.

Horsehair braid

Horsehair braid is what makes the magic happen in magical girl skirts! We sewed 5/8 inch braid on the hem of the 2 skirt layers.

Here’s a tutorial by Jessie Pridemore showing how to put in horsehair braid.

Sleeve and glove rolls

Sailor Moon Glove band tutorial by NyuNyu Cosplay

You can usually find large piping cord in the home decor section of fabric stores.

✧˖°ˈ·* Huge thanks to NyuNyu Cosplay for all the tutorials and Sparkle Pipsi for the directions with the skirt. Check them out for more cosplay tutorials. They have a lot of other Sailor Moon related tutorials on their websites.✧˖°ˈ·*

  • Samantha Mayhew

    How were you able to achieve the v waist band in the front of the skirt?

    • Gen

      Once the 2 layers (3 in your case) were pleated and basted, we cut a V shape in the front of the skirt. Then we just sewed the waist band on the skirt following the edge of the fabric. The other sort of “floating above” waistband is held with small pressure buttons.

    • Gen

      Once the 2 layers (3 in your case) were pleated and basted, we cut a V shape in the front of the skirt. Then we just sewed the waist band on the skirt following the edge of the fabric. The other sort of “floating above” waistband is held with small pressure buttons.

  • Samantha Mayhew

    With the 3 layered skirt for ESM would I make 3 one for each layer or 6 2 half’s per layer? I was little confused. And you put a zipper for the skirt ?

    • Gen

      The explanations in the post are for one circle skirt = 1 layer. In your case you need to make 3 of them with different lengths.
      Yes the skirt closes with an invisible zipper in the back.

      • Samantha Mayhew

        Ok thank you! I’m sorta new to sewing lol but thanks again!

        • Gen

          You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate if you have other questions.

          • Samantha Mayhew

            With the skirts what’s a good measurement for the width of each of the 12 box pleats? Oh and how I would put an invisible zipper in the back of the 3 layered skirt? Would that make the back flat?

          • Gen

            I don’t remember the width of the pleats, but I think the skirt had 12 box pleats. For the zipper, I basted my 2 layers together (3 in your case) and then sewed the zipper the same way as if I had only 1 layer.

  • amyranthstarsong

    Do you hang your skirts before you hem them? I’m working on the last layer of my ESM skirt, and I need to add in the horsehair braid. I’ve read you need to hang them for a least a week for the fabric to stretch, and then you may need to recut the circle so that it lays even.

    • Gen

      I’ve never done that, but you don’t lose anything by doing it.

  • tomecko2

    Wow, I’m working on my Supersailor Saturn cosplay and liked the look of the pleating on your skirt (was trying to decide between pleated circle or pleated 3/4 circle), but then I saw you mentioned ShoujoGems!
    That was actually my shop, back in the day, before my resin allergy cropped up (seriously kiddos, wear gloves when working with resin or it’ll mess up your skin). I’m glad you liked my products so much! Is that whole group wearing my brooches?

    • Gen

      Almost the whole group is wearing your brooches :)
      I was really sorry to hear of your resin allergies since your shop seemed to be working so well.

      • tomecko2

        Aaah, that makes me so happy! You all look incredible, glad I could contribute. Those bows look incredible, such a perfect pointy shape.
        Yes, the resin allergy is a bummer! I tried making some resin buttons for a D. Gray-man cosplay a few months ago, and still broke out, even though I wore gloves. The fumes are enough to set me off now.

        • amyranthstarsong

          I popped in here just now to find out how to attach my ESM skirt, and I’ve also been looking into doing some resin work. Have you checked out the UV resin that Arda Wigs is selling? Pre-mixed, sets in the sun or with a UV lamp, you can mix it with colours and it’s relatively inexpensive. That way you have less physical contact with the resin, and you might be able to get back to doing it if you want. :3

          The only caveat being that you may have to change all your molds over to clear silicone in order for the UV to set properly, but apparently you can set it in thin layers and it works just as well.

          • tomecko2

            My local artshop has gotten this product in (or something very similar), I was definitely eyeing it! May have to try it out in the future. I don’t think I could spare the time it took to run my Etsy shop anymore (life, amirite?), but it’d be nice to be able to make my own accessories without a lot of pain and itching.

  • Taylor Ahlstrom

    Hi! I’m writing a “Best anime cosplay” post for my Japanese blog and want to include your post! Do I have your permission to share your picture and link back to your site? Thanks!

    • Gen

      Hello! As long as you credit us and link back to our site there is no problem. Thank you for asking.

  • Océane

    thank you for this article, just love it. can i translate into french and share on my blog of ?

    • Gen

      Bonjour, vous pouvez traduire l’article et le partager sur le blog de votre site si vous voulez, à condition de ne pas éditer nos images et de créditer Team Blasé Cosplay avec un lien vers notre site. Merci!

  • RariMoon✧・゜*

    I’m in love with this post ~!

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

  • Hi there, just wondering how you actually pull it on. Does it have a zip on the back or how does it work? really love this fuku!

    • Gen

      The skirt and collar are removable and the spandex is stretchy enough so we can wiggle in the fuku through the neck opening. There is a seam on the back so you could easily put an invisible zipper there if you wanted to.

  • Gabriella

    Hi Gen and Fe, I’m not sure where else I can really put this (you can delete it if you want!) But I’m having my first cosplay photoshoot soon, and I know the two of you have a lot of experience with them — do you have any advice about posing, posture, being photogenic, or anything of the sort? Thanks!

    • Gen

      Hi Gabriella!

      Before a photoshoot I always search on Google for images of my character (official art, fanart and other cosplayers photos) to get pose ideas. I usually save them on my phone for reference at the shoot and to show the photographer what I’m going for.

      Also, don’t be afraid to ask the photographer to show you the photos during the shoot before you change poses. That way you’ll be able to see if you’re happy with your facial expressions and how your body looks. You’ll be able to correct things that way!

      Finally, you could check out these links (the last one’s a video), I personally found them very helpful.