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Fixing Shattered Eye Shadow/Pressed Powder


If you’re like me, you drop your makeup case on the floor by accident all the time, resulting in broken caps and shattered makeup.

Not Again.
Not Again.

Here’s a simple trick to fixing shattered pressed powder (be it eye shadow, blush, foundation, etc.).

What you need

  • Rubbing alcohol — The higher the percentage the better. You can find 99 % rubbing alcohol at pharmacies, but often you’ll have to ask a pharmacist for it and explain what you plan to do with it.
  • Something to crush and mix the powder with — A mini cosmetics spatula works great for this.
  • A coin or a hard, flat surface as big as your powder container
  • Paper towels
  • Dropper
  • Shattered eye shadow/cosmetics :P

Step 1 – KRUSH EET

This might sound counterproductive, but the first thing you need to do is crush your damaged product in the finest powder you can get it. For this you can use a mini spatula that comes with some cosmetics, bleaching kits or are used for samples at places like Sephora. Disinfect the spatula (or whatever you’re using) with rubbing alcohol before you start.
Steal 'Em Those Spatulas

Step 2 – MIX EET

Once your eye shadow is as fine as you can get it, use a dropper to add rubbing alcohol to the powder, little by little, mixing with the spatula all the while. Once the makeup has become smooth and mud-like, flatten it out as much as you can with the spatula.

Step 3 – HIT EET

To remove any air bubbles that might be trapped inside the mixture as well as help smooth everything out, tap the makeup case on a hard, flat surface a few times or until the mixture seems smooth and even.

Step 4 – Wait.

Put the powder away on a stable surface and let the alcohol evaporate.

Step 5 – SMUSH EET

Once the powder/alcohol mixture isn’t sticky to the touch, fold up paper towels (about 3~4 layers) in a small square and put it on top of your makeup. With the coin or hard flat surface the size of your makeup, press down hard to compact the mixture and drain some of the alcohol. Wait an hour or so and repeat the process.
Visual Aid
Repeat this step until the paper towels come out dry.

Step 6 – Enjoy!

Leave it to dry completely overnight and enjoy your (re)pressed eye shadow/powder/blush until the next time you drop it on the floor! :D
Until Next Time