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Photo by Elite Cosplay

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Persona Tarot Cards


Persona arcana cards
Arcana cards

Persona-lized (haha, sorry!) tarot cards are a nice little prop to have when cosplaying characters from the Persona series. You can download here the same digital file that we used to get our own tarot cards printed. Each card has been colour corrected by Fé so the images are sharp and nicely contrasted. The file is in PDF format and is ready to be taken to the printer.

We couldn’t find an image of the back of the cards in high enough resolution, so we used a vectorized version by The-Stein on DeviantART.

Persona Tarot cards (includes all 22 Major Arcana)

Images are in 300 dpi (high resolution for printing)
Includes bleed and cutting marks
The final size of the cards is 9 x 13 cm

Margaret (Persona photoshoot at Anime North 2012) Elizabeth (Persona photoshoot at Anime North 2012)